Acushnet Outdoor Sheds: Large and Small Sheds for Homeowners

acushnet outdoor shedsAt Statewide Shed, we talk a lot about our big home storage options. But for people in Massachusetts who don’t need a lot of room, we also have smaller, very good sheds. Many people in the US need outdoor living spaces more than they need store room. Maybe you don’t want big Acushnet outdoor sheds that take up a lot of space because you have a pool, like to grill, or need room for the kids to run around and play. Our small sheds for homes start at just six feet by six feet, which isn’t too big of an area for any garden. The sheds we have, which are up to six feet by sixteen feet, are still considered “small” by Massachusetts homes even though they are narrow in depth but wide.

Home Storage Options

Our small sheds for homes are built the same way as our bigger sheds. For the best results, we use materials and building methods that are suitable for residential construction. We don’t use any OSB or particle board on any of our sheds. Instead, we frame them the same way you would a house, with double top plates and notches in all the corner top plates so they fit into the walls. In the summer, our Acushnet outdoor sheds can handle the wind, heat, and rain, and in the winter, they can handle the snow and ice. The corners of our vinyl sheds are finished with either white vinyl corner board or PVC boards. The roofs come in six-pitch, Gambrel, and twelve-pitch styles and are made with 30-year artistic roof shingles.

You may be thinking how you can put these good sheds together in Massachusetts at this point. We’ll take care of everything for you, which is good news. No matter where you are in Massachusetts, delivery and set up are free. Our sheds are sent to you in pieces, and our team of professionals will put them together and place them at your home. When you buy one of our high-quality home storage options, we’ll even cover it for 10 years. Please look at the website for more information about who can get this 10-year guarantee, what kinds of things might be protected, what the homeowner needs to do, and other things. Our goal is to make large and small sheds for homes that are strong and will last for a long time. They will also look good next to your house.

Large and Small Sheds in MA

Putting up good sheds in Massachusetts can be very helpful for your home and daily life, no matter what you need to store. Sheds are useful, and they also look great in the backyard. Statewide Shed has a lot of different ways to make your shed look nice, like plastic and wood flooring, different colored roofs, and a lot more. You can even make your Acushnet outdoor sheds look just like a smaller version of your real house. You can add accessories to sheds! Check out our online list of choices to see how you can add unique windows, doors, and even flower boxes for the windows to your brand-new shed to make it look even better.

Sheds aren’t just for storing things during the winter. You can use them as an extra room for your home office, a playground for kids, or a dog house for your pets. With the right tools, a small shed could even be used as a cabana for your pool toys and towels or as a hotel. Some people even set up small sheds near their grills and outdoor food areas to use as places to eat outside. You can do almost anything if you have enough room for Acushnet outdoor sheds. Being the owner of a good shed in Massachusetts has a lot of benefits.

Small Sheds for Homes

If you would like to see our quality-built sheds in person, we have a Shed Display on Route 44 in Raynham, Massachusetts. There are many different styles, patterns, colors, and choices for you to choose from. Our online collection and price list are also available, or you can call our team at 508-558-3636 to talk to someone right away. Statewide Shed has a solid reputation for providing dependable, durable sheds at reasonable prices with unmatched customer services.