Building Outdoor Kitchens: Design a Custom Backyard Kitchen Shed

building outdoor kitchens
In Massachusetts, the summer season has officially arrived, and many homeowners are spending more time outside. There are many ways that our Freetown custom sheds may improve your outdoor experience, whether you love to grow, grill in your backyard, or just spend an evening outside with loved ones. Building outdoor kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms, and other spaces to enhance how we utilize our backyards gained popularity a few years ago. Nonetheless, it is appealing to construct outdoor living areas with some interior space due to the seasonal weather and rise in insects at this time of year. To make it even simpler to spend time outside, our sturdy and long-lasting sheds in Freetown may be completely adapted to create a backyard kitchen shed, complete with a sink, refrigerator, and running water. When it comes to utilizing these lovely Freetown sheds to generate the space you want in your garden, the options are infinite.

Create Outdoor Living Areas

You will discover that we provide a large selection of shed sizes and styles at Statewide Shed, starting from a tiny 6×6 shed and going all the way up to a 16×24 shed. We can even build entire second stories, loft storage for extra stuff, and provide you a range of door, window, and accessory options to help you design the entertainment, gardening, or cooking shed of your dreams in your backyard. To explore your ideas for creating a completely functional kitchen with plumbing and electricity, think about consulting with a contractor. You may achieve the optimum outcomes for your newly designed outdoor living areas by doing this. Our lovely Freetown sheds are made to look fantastic in your yard or next to your house. They are constructed with the same strength as a house, so a contractor could easily update them.

Consider everything you will require to construct your new outdoor kitchen, garden, or entertainment space. You would often want flooring, lights, cupboards, appliances, and storage in any of these kinds of Freetown custom sheds. You should also add insulation to your new outdoor living areas. This will allow you to utilize them for longer periods of the year, well into fall and maybe winter, instead of only spring and summer. Once more, consult with a trustworthy contractor to obtain insulation with an R-value that will provide warmth and protection from the cold for your new, sturdy sheds in Freetown.

Design Freetown Custom Sheds

Your new Freetown custom sheds can even fit the style of your home. A 6-pitch, Gambrel, or premium 12-pitch roof with all the necessary vents and 30-year architectural roofing shingles are just a few of the many roofing options available to you. You may select from a variety of colors for your roofing shingles from us, including rich hickory, majestic slate or black, as well as natural browns and grays. Come check our colors for shingle when you stop by our shed exhibit in Raynham, Massachusetts. Although our website displays samples of these colors, the real colors may differ somewhat from what appears on your computer or mobile device owing to monitor presentation.

We also provide you with more alternatives when it comes to choosing the color of vinyl siding for your newly designed outdoor living areas. Our bright Premium Vinyl Siding is available in neutral tones, bright blues, deep reds, and natural greens. Along with a range of different natural outside tints, we also have a line of Natural Standard Vinyl Siding in colors that span from a basic white or cream to more vibrant tones like sage, saffron, cypress, and indigo. Even sample colors are available from us to assist you match your house.

Come See Our Durable Sheds

The best place to start your Freetown custom shed search is by visiting our shed exhibit located on Route 44 in Raynham, Massachusetts. We can show you every color of siding and roofing, as well as portfolios of previous jobs we have completed for clients. We offer a large selection of elegant Freetown sheds for you to pick from. You can reach our staff by phone at 508-558-3636 or in person at any time during business hours.