Custom Sheds in Freetown: Install a Home Business Shed in MA

freetown home business shedWith so many Americans choosing to work from home, it is more important than ever to consider creating your own private space to conduct your business. Whether you own your own small business, have a hobby that generates revenue, or if you simply need a home office where you can work on projects outside of work hours, a quality vinyl shed might be the solution. Our team can answer any questions you might have about what it takes to install a home business shed, including insulation options, electrical installation, and other tips that you can use to create a comfortable and effective space outside of your home.

Our custom sheds in Freetown can be used for many different uses, including personal storage, extra guest space, seasonal equipment, decorative storage, and much more. Every home can always use more space, and a Freetown home office shed might be just what you need to achieve your goals.

Options Available for Custom Sheds

The beauty of working with Statewide Shed to create custom sheds in Freetown and the surrounding Massachusetts area is that you can pick and choose the various materials, size options, wall heights, and extras to suit your needs. Some of the options available include wall heights of up to 96-inches and front porch designs that range from four by six feet up to four by sixteen feet with pressure-treated wood or Trex decking. Single and double fiberglass doors, additional doors, steel six-panel entry doors with or without windows, and a wide range of window options can also be included when you install a home business shed.

Storage lofts for extra supplies and seasonal décor, as well as wrap-around lofts for ten and twelve-foot wide sheds, can be added for additional space to keep office supplies, stock items, equipment, and more. Add a touch of personality to your quality vinyl shed with our pine flower boxes, wood, and vinyl shutters, pressure-treated wood ramps, garage rollup doors, and window roof dormers. You can even add a whole second floor for even more functional space in the Gambrel Freetown home office shed design, including the 16×16, 16×20, and 16×24 size floorplans. You can see some examples of these different features in the portfolio on our website or come see our sheds in person at our shop in Raynham, Massachusetts.

Create the Perfect Space for Your Needs

Instead of trying to cram your office space at home into a nook, guestroom, or corner of your bedroom, choosing to install a home business shed gives you the opportunity to create the perfect space for your needs. There are lots of perks to working remotely or running your own home-based business from one of our custom sheds in Freetown and the surrounding area, including flexible hours and a short commute. The first step is to create a plan for the kind of office you want, including where you would want to place a desk, workstation, production table, and space for any peripherals or extra equipment. This will help you to tailor the design according to your needs.

Electrical and lighting is something else that must be considered, as well as internet connections, heating for the colder months, and possibly a fan or air conditioner for the summer. The good news is that Statewide Shed builds custom-quality vinyl shed and wood shed options that are as strong and durable as a house. That means you can do everything with your Freetown home office shed that you can do with a house, including installing all of the features and extra items you like to make your new home office everything you always imagined. Small offices, medium-sized offices, and even large-sized offices can all be possible, as long as you have the backyard space to install them.

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Interested in designing your own custom sheds in Freetown for a new backyard office space? Contact Statewide Shed directly by calling us at 508-558-3636 or by visiting our location in Raynham, Massachusetts, on Route 44. You can also reach out to our team and send us a message online via our website to get pricing, details, installation information, and support for our strong, durable, and quality-built backyard sheds.