Durable Sheds in Freetown: Customize Sheds for Home Storage

durable sheds in FreetownFor a majority of homeowners, there never seems to be enough space, which makes it difficult to organize a house and maintain order. Certain goods are utilized just for a few months of the year and need to be kept, and there are memento items that are impossible to part with. To restore your sanity and maintain a clean and organized house at the same time, sturdy and long-lasting sheds in Freetown can be exactly what you need. To make an eye-catching addition to your property, large sheds for home storage come in a variety of sizes and types to match the style and aesthetic of your house. To guarantee optimal efficiency and order, installing a new backyard shed gives you the chance to decide what will be stored, how it will be stored, and when it will be needed.

Building Modern Storage Sheds

Modern storage sheds are available in a variety of sizes and designs, giving homeowners the chance to efficiently and safely keep their valuables without having to crowd their rooms with boxes and bins. Before making any purchases, it is crucial to ascertain how much you will need to store and how much room you have to build huge sheds for home storage. Visit our Raynham, Massachusetts, store to view our lovely Freetown sheds in person, or browse them online. In addition to making recommendations for optional accessories that may be utilized to make storing and retrieving your possessions even simpler, we can assist you in finding the ideal shed for your purposes.

Sheds used to all be the same formerly; they were just plain metal boxes with dirt floors to store gardening supplies and equipment. You would never want to store your personal items from the house inside a location like that, full of spider webs and the occasional rodent family. But our roomy sheds for storing items around the house are very different. They are made to be just as sturdy as a home. Our sturdy and long-lasting sheds in Freetown are constructed with floor joists that are 2 x 6 pressure-treated, with 16 joists spaced 16 inches apart, and a 2 x 6 beam for steady, uninterrupted support. The shelters are built on a level patio block base. The floors are prepared for customization with a flooring material of your choosing, having been coated with three-quarters of an inch thick plywood.

Wood or Vinyl Siding?

At Statewide Sheds, we offer our customers a variety of customized options to create a shed that fulfills their requirements. Choose from pine wood or vinyl siding, which features a 1×8 inch tongue and groove for optimal results. Options for doors include steel, wood, fiberglass, as well as single, double, and garage-style. Architectural roofing shingles come with a standard 30-year warranty. They are designed to safeguard your shed and everything you store within. This is part of what makes our sheds more durable and designed perfectly for outdoor living space, home office space, and storage of valuable household items.

Even our rafters exceed typical expectations compared to typical shed designs and construction. The rafters are 2×6 framed by a solid 2.8 solid ridge beam, plus they are clad in 1/2 CDX housing-quality roofing plywood. Customers can choose between three different types of roofs, including gambrel, six-pitch, and deluxe. Interior heights can also be adjusted according to the custom needs of the customer, ranging between standard 84-inches on up to 96-inches, to provide additional space for work and storage. Trex or pressure-treated decking, wood shutters, wrap-around lofts, pine flower boxes, and more can all be added to further customize the look and performance of your new shed.

Quality Sheds in Freetown

You may store anything you desire when you work with Statewide Shed to create a new backyard shed that is built to last as long as a house. Plastic storage containers filled with seasonal apparel and bedding, holiday décor, cherished treasures, family heirlooms, and furniture that you wish to preserve but no longer use. In addition, you may store off-road vehicles, boats, motorbikes, and other adult toys to protect them from theft and bad weather.

Another common usage for our sturdy and long-lasting sheds in Freetown is pool storage, which enables homeowners to set up a useful cabana area for pool toys, extra towels, patio furniture, grilling supplies, and other items. In one of our stylish Freetown sheds, you can keep everything you want to store; just make sure you select the right size based on your needs. For additional information about our small and big sheds for home storage, contact us at 508-558-3636 or stop by our store on Route 44 in Raynham, Massachusetts.