Free Delivery and Installation: Storage Solutions in Freetown

storage solutions in freetownIt’s difficult to get a handle on clutter and clutter control when storage space is at a premium. Items that are kept as mementos or only utilized for part of the year must be preserved. Investing in a solid and long-lasting shed in Freetown might be the best decision you make for your sanity and the state of your home in general. It’s possible to get a large shed for home storage in a design that complements the existing architecture on your land. You may maximize efficiency and organization by planning ahead for what will be stored, how it will be stored, and when it will be required before constructing a new backyard shed.

Putting up a brand new shed in the backyard has several benefits. Modern storage sheds come in a wide variety of sizes, allowing homeowners to safely and efficiently keep their valuables without cluttering up their primary living spaces with boxes and bins. Before making any purchases, you should take stock of your storage needs and the available area to build a sizable shed at home. Our lovely Freetown shelters are displayed on our website and at our store in Raynham, Massachusetts. We’ll guide you pick the ideal shed and recommend accessories that will make it simpler to keep and retrieve your items.

Residential Sheds for Storage

Sheds have come a long way from their humble beginnings as metal boxes on stilts with dirt floors, used solely for the storage of gardening implements. You wouldn’t want to store your household goods in an area that is constantly being invaded by spiders and the occasional mouse family. Our huge sheds for home storage, on the other hand, are completely unique. Their structural integrity is comparable to that of a well-constructed home. Our sturdy sheds in Freetown have 2×6 pressure-treated floor joists spaced 16 inches apart and a 2×6 beam for uninterrupted support, all on a level patio brick foundation. The flooring is 3/4″ thick plywood that can be finished with any type of flooring you choose.

Our custom shelters provide a variety of add-ons to help you personalize them and give you the freedom to use them however you want. Home storage, backyard poolside cabana, small business space, ATV storage, gardening, hobbies, and much more can all require a unique setup. Stop wasting money on monthly storage rentals and consider installing your own custom storage solutions in Freetown. Take advantage of Statewide Shed’s free delivery and installation anywhere in Massachusetts.

Some of our siding options include vinyl or 1/8-inch tongue and groove pine boards. Optional single/double doors, fiberglass/wood/steel/garage doors. Whether you go with a six-pitch, Gambrel, or luxury roof, you can count on 26 rafters, a 28 strong ridge beam, and 1/2 CDX house-quality roofing plywood. Invest in architectural shingles with a 30-year lifespan to ensure the safety of your shed’s contents. Pine or vinyl walls of 84 or 96 inches in height have been upgraded. Pressure-treated or Trex decking material porches, ranging in size from 4′ x 6′ to 4′ x 10′. There are many different kinds of window treatments, as well as storage lofts, wrap-around lofts, pine flower boxes, vinyl shutters, wood shutters, and more. Ramps made of pressure-treated wood, suitable for use with both single and double doors, as well as garage doors.

Residential Sheds for Storage

When you have Statewide Shed build and install a new storage shed in your backyard, you may keep everything you want in a building that is as sturdy as your home. Stuff your plastic containers to the brim with the likes of seasonal apparel and linens, holiday decorations, family heirlooms, valued treasures, and unused pieces of furniture you wish to preserve. Motorcycles, ATVs, yachts, and other “adult” toys may be stored away from the elements and potential thieves. Our sturdy Freetown sheds are frequently used for storing pool equipment, including toys, spare towels, outdoor furniture, barbecues, and more, allowing homeowners to set up a convenient cabana area. To sum up, one of our lovely Freetown sheds can house whatever you wish to stow away, so long as you pick the right size for your needs. For additional information on our selection of small and big sheds for home storage, visit our lot on Route 44 in Raynham, MA, or contact us at 508-558-3636.