New ATV Sheds and Garages: Freetown Multi-Use Backyard Sheds

ATV sheds and garagesOne of the best ways to safeguard your weekend fun vehicles is to install one of our attractive Freetown sheds. Bulky items like motorcycles, ATVs, snow mobiles, and jet skis should be housed in a shed that is a minimum of 12 x 10 feet in size. The type of sheds for vehicles in Massachusetts that you choose is important, so it is a decision that must not be made lightly. The size of your property and access to ATV sheds and garages must also be considered. The best way to get started when thinking about installing a Freetown multi-use backyard shed is to determine what will be stored in it and how the storage space will be accessed and used.

Vehicle Storage and Maintenance

Some homeowners aren’t just looking for a space to store their grown-up toys but also a place to perform basic maintenance and keep all of their accessories. Tool boxes, vehicle fluids and filters, and space to move around the vehicle can be extremely beneficial. Built-in storage options on the wall, a work bench, electrical outlets for plugging in chargers, and power tools – there are so many ways that you can maximize the options for your ATV sheds and garages. Extended width garage doors and pressure-treated ramps make moving your vehicles in and out of our attractive Freetown sheds even easier.

Height is also something to consider when shopping for a Freetown multi-use backyard shed. Those metal sheds you see at the home improvement center lots are short enough that most adults will have to duck to walk through the doors. At Statewide Shed, our sheds are designed to be entered and used regularly – without ducking. You can even upgrade to 84-inch or 96-inch wall heights in either the T-11, pine, or vinyl styles of sheds for vehicles in Massachusetts. Pressure-treated porches, fiberglass, and steel entry doors, storage lofts, wrap around lofts, wood ramps, roll-up garage doors, sectional garage doors, and Gambrel-style “barn” roofing to maximize height and space are just some of the ways that you can go.

What Else Will You Store?

When it comes to thinking about the size you will need for your Freetown multi-use backyard shed, be honest with yourself about what other items will likely end up in that space. Seasonal sports equipment, holiday decorations, lawn furniture – the possibilities are endless. If you think that your spouse – or even you – might start loading up the sheds for vehicles in Massachusetts, you might want to add on an extra bit of space. Remember to still allow room for performing preventive maintenance and servicing on your toys – especially during the cold winter months – and have space to freely move around. A chair for taking a break, a mini-fridge for something cold to drink, and maybe even a coffee pot for those late nights working on your ATV or motorcycle would also be nice.

Evolving storage space is another phenomenon that we hear a lot about from our customers. What might have started out as ATV sheds and garages for weekend toys ultimately turned into a home gym, office, or workshop. Whether you make the change or end up selling the home to someone who wants to use the space in a different way, it pays to think about the future. Quality attractive Freetown sheds add value to your home and property. The more thought you can put into picking the best one for your needs – and the future requirements of your property – the more you will get out of it. Speak with one of our team members about all of the ways that you can further customize a Freetown multi-use backyard shed to suit your needs.

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