Off Road Vehicle Storage: Garage Door Sheds in Freetown, MA

off road vehicle storageIf you have been exploring your property for extra room to keep vital items, gardening equipment, household tools, out-of-season furniture, and shelters for automobiles in Freetown, think about installing a high-quality vinyl shed from Statewide Shed. By providing a wide range of sizes, designs, colors, and choices, we can assist you in selecting the storage shed you require for your home. Small sheds for homes may be a great way to increase your extra storage space without having to completely fill the garage or rent space at a storage facility. When you work with Statewide Shed, you can get premium custom sheds delivered and erected in Freetown and the surrounding Massachusetts area absolutely FREE.

Large Sheds for Vehicle Storage

A little shed is defined as one that is 14 feet in length or less. Choose the size and style that work best for your home and your budget. The useful storage space is further increased by the range of heights available for our Freetown multi-use sheds, which range from 84 inches to 96 inches. All of our shelters, regardless of size or style, are built to be as durable as a house. We are happy to inform that not even a single piece of OSB or particle board is used in any of our shelters. We frame all of our sheds with twin top plates, much as you would when building a house, and we even notch the corner top plates to connect into all of the walls.

At Statewide Shed, we use top-notch materials and tried-and-true construction techniques to build our small sheds for homeowners. For robust, continuous support, our standard shelters are built with 26 pressure-treated floor joists spaced 16 inches apart, a 26 center beam, and a level patio brick base. The plywood floor is three quarters of an inch thick, so the concrete cannot be accessed. The walls are constructed with 2x4s that are 16 inches on center, and the cladding we use on our typical custom sheds for automobiles in Freetown has sturdy five-eighths-inch wood panels. We utilize plywood sheathing that is half an inch thick and of house-quality for all of our lovely backyard structures.

ORV Shed Solutions in Freetown

Most of the time, all you’ll need to protect your belongings are high-quality shelters for home storage. When you choose to purchase a small, high-quality vinyl shed from us, we provide a broad variety of floorplans, styles, and choices so you may have the exact measurements and features you want. A variety of benefits come with choosing small sheds for Massachusetts residents. The most obvious factor would be the price. Freetown multi-purpose sheds can be expensive, so you might want to think about getting a smaller shed to save money. Small sheds also have the advantage of being able to be placed virtually anywhere in your property with few restrictions. Larger sheds could only fit in one or two locations due to their size.

Other benefits include beautiful backyard structures that adhere to tight HOA rules, local building codes, and other potential legal difficulties. Small sheds may be utilized for a number of reasons, including storing seasonal décor, gardening equipment, extra supplies, and other items that aren’t needed every day or all year round. Numerous small sheds may serve as a workspace for DIY projects, gardening, and other tasks. The best thing is that there are so many design possibilities available for our custom sheds in Freetown that you can create a completed product that matches or compliments your property. Whether you have a specific purpose in mind for your new shed or you are just looking to add one in case you need more room in the future, we can help you achieve your goals.

Off Road Vehicle Storage Sheds

For a free, no-obligation quote on bespoke car storage or car sheds in Freetown or anywhere else in Massachusetts, give us a call at 508-558-3636. We can answer any questions you may have about high-quality sheds for home storage and go through all the details of free delivery and installation. To learn more about installing Freetown multi-use sheds on your property, contact our friendly and knowledgeable staff at Statewide Shed right now.