Small Business Solutions: Quality Sheds for Professional Use

small business shedsFinding space to get things done can be difficult with so many Americans now working from home, whether it be as a remote job opportunity with a long-term employer or as the ruler of their own domain with a home-based small company. Installing a home office backyard shed is one method to extend your house without adding an expensive addition or rushing your children out the door. To create your own personal place outside the home, choose from a variety of attractive Freetown hobby sheds from Statewide Shed. With your option of wood or vinyl siding and architectural roofing tiles to keep out the weather all year round, high-quality sheds made in Massachusetts to the identical specs you would use to build a home. Install insulation, electrical, and plumbing systems, as well as any other necessary materials, inside your huge shed to prepare it for use as a home office.

Freetown Hobby Sheds for Small Business

Imagine taking a cup of coffee and heading to your very own home office by simply going a few steps or yards out your back door. You may have your own own room where you can close the door and lock the world out while you work rather than being inside the house where the temptation to clean dishes, fold clothes, or handle other personal things exists. When you employ high-quality sheds constructed in Massachusetts for your new home office, you may incorporate windows, doors, extra storage, a second-floor loft, garage ramps for huge stock, and many other amenities. A home office backyard shed may be the solution to all of your work-from-home issues, regardless of whether you are a freelance writer, maker, provide repair services, or use a computer.

It matters what kind of shed you select for this use. Most people picture those metal objects offered at the neighborhood home improvement store next to the Christmas tree lot when they think of sheds. You’ll find rows of attractive Freetown huts that are well-made and of a high standard when you visit our shed showroom on Route 44 in Raynham, Massachusetts. These shelters may be readily modified to look wonderful next to your house or in your garden. In order to assist you in designing the ideal shed for your property, we also give FREE installation and delivery as well as a large selection of shed sizes, designs, and roofing materials. The finest return on investment for your residential property and the future of your small business is guaranteed by a 10-year warranty from the date of purchase for your huge shed for home business.

Large Shed for Home Business

On ANY of our sheds, we at Statewide Shed never utilize OSB board or particleboard. Our attractive Freetown hobby sheds are as sturdy as a house and a gorgeous complement to any residence. Like any other sort of house building, we employ double top plates to frame all of our high-quality sheds constructed in Massachusetts. We even notch all of the corner plates to connect into the walls. We are aware of the importance of your home office’s computers, desks, furniture, stock, supplies, and other tools to the continuous success of your enterprise. You should feel at ease knowing that your possessions will be secured from thieves and the elements when you buy and install a sizable shed for your home business.

You may select between a double, fiberglass, wood, or garage-style door with a lock and keys, among other options. Our shingles are architectural roof shingles with a 30-year warranty that complement your home’s style and color with a range of hues and design options. Choose between a basic six-pitch or twelve-pitch room with solid 2×6 ridge beam framing, 2×4 rafters spaced 16 inches apart, and 12 CDX house-quality roofing plywood sheathed over it, or our well-known Gambrel roof, which has solid wood trusses and is covered in the same 12 CDX house-quality roofing plywood. Depending on the design you choose, pine corner boards, pine fascia boards, or pine rake boards can help you create a stunning exterior together with vinyl T1-11 siding or pine wood tongue-and-groove siding.

Quality Sheds for Professional Use

Visit our shed exhibit on Route 44 in Raynham, Massachusetts, or contact us at 508-558-3636 if you’re interested in learning more about installing a Freetown hobby shed for home business uses in Massachusetts. We can give additional information about our high-quality sheds made in Massachusetts and respond to any inquiries you may have about our stylish Freetown sheds.