ATV Sheds and Garages: Custom Sheds in Acushnet for Vehicles

Large Sheds - 16At Statewide Shed, we can provide our customers with a wide range of options for custom sheds in Acushnet, ranging from 6×6 foot storage sheds all the way up to 16×24 foot ATV sheds and garages for vehicles. Whatever your needs, interests, or budget, our team can help match you with the best options to help you achieve your goals. We have sheds for vehicles, recreational vehicles, ATVs, motorcycles, and more. Regardless of the type of equipment, vehicle, or toys that you have and need to store, we have all the sizes, styles, colors, and designs of sheds for vehicles that you could ever want. Prices can range from as low as $2900 for a base model with free delivery and installation on up to extra large Acushnet garage door sheds for as much as $23,900 with vinyl shakes and all the bells and whistles.

Seasonal or Year-Round Storage

There are certain types of equipment and vehicles that only get used during a single season or have limited use throughout the year. Snowmobiles, snowblowers, and other snow-related or removal machinery definitely fall into this category. ATVs and other vehicles that you might only use a few times each year are also candidates to be stowed in custom sheds in Acushnet. Some of the features that can make these sheds for vehicles even more beneficial include pressure-treated wood ramps for 8-foot garage doors or 60-inch double-doors, as well as 5-foot roll-up garage doors or garage doors ranging from 8×7 to 9×7, depending on your needs.

Additional storage can even be added with a second-floor loft – including stairs. Other storage loft options, ranging from 4×8 to 4×16 sized areas, can be included in the design of your Acushnet garage door sheds, as well. Make sure to speak with one of our agents to discuss your needs and interests in our ATV sheds and garages. Our many years of experience working with local customers in the Massachusetts area can work to your advantage. We can provide you with many options and opportunities to store your vehicles, equipment, and seasonal machinery right in the safety and security of your own backyard.

What Can You Store in a Shed?

While we talk a lot about vehicle storage and use the terms ATV sheds and garages, there are actually lots of different types of things that you can store in a shed that features a wood ramp for easy loading and unloading. Motorcycles, as well as motorcycle equipment, tools, and accessories, can be easily stored in a wide range of sizes for our custom sheds in Acushnet. Scooters, including personal disability scooters and recreational scooters, will fit perfectly in these sheds. Bicycles, motorized bikes, and other types of fitness or recreational equipment can be stored safely inside of our Acushnet garage door sheds.

There are thousands of things that can be stored, worked on, preserved, safeguarded, and winterized inside of our custom sheds at Statewide Shed. Empty your toy hauler during the off-season and keep everything safe and protected inside your own ATV sheds and garages. Stop storing your high-value equipment at some unknown storage facility. Set up your own security system, complete with motion-detection lighting, video equipment, and monitored services, so you can feel safe knowing that your vehicles and machinery are being properly cared for and protected 24/7, whether you are home or not.

Custom Sheds in Acushnet

If you would like to learn more about our sheds for vehicles, storage, workshops, and more, give Statewide Shed a call locally at 508-558-3636. We can answer any questions you might have about our Acushnet garage door sheds, ATV sheds and garages, options, accessories, and custom features. Installing a quality shed on your property is more affordable than you might think. Contact our team today for FREE price quotes and details about how to get custom sheds in Acushnet and the surrounding area.