Backyard Storage Sheds: Acushnet Garage Door Sheds for Hobbies

garage door sheds in AcushnetThere are lots of different types of sheds, depending on their intended purpose. Some sheds are meant for storing outdoor equipment and furniture, such as lawnmowers, lounge chairs, weed blowers, and seasonal decorations. Other sheds can be used to extend the home’s storage for special belongings, including keepsakes, holiday décor, and furniture that is no longer being used but still being kept. One of the most exciting backyard storage sheds is that of the hobby shed. This can be for woodworking, project making, crafting, intensive gardening, or even maintaining and storing off-road vehicles. Depending on what will be kept here, you might want to look into Acushnet garage door sheds, which are perfect sheds for vehicles and other large possessions. When you visit Statewide Shed to look at our custom sheds in Acushnet, you can choose from a wide variety of sizes, shapes, styles, and options to create the perfect hobby shed for your unique needs.

Lots of Options for Backyard Storage Sheds

One of the many advantages associated with choosing Statewide Shed to purchase custom sheds in Acushnet is that we have so many options that you can use to create the best sheds for vehicles, hobbies, workshops, and storage to suit your specific requirements. You can upgrade the wall height to 84 or 96-inches to provide lots of space for overhead storage, shelving, and much more. Add a porch to create a relaxing space where you can enjoy your surroundings or work outdoors on projects. Pressure-treated and Trex decking options are available. Upgrade the doors add a roll-up door, double-doors, steel-panel doors, fiberglass doors, and more to protect the things that matter most and to allow for easy access with Acushnet garage door sheds.

Other add-ons can include windows, ridge vents, storage lofts, wrap-around lofts, and complete second floors with stairs on our Gambrel 16×16 and larger units. Garage doors with and without windows, pressure-treated wood ramps, vinyl shutters, wood shutters, and roof dormers – there are so many options to help you create custom sheds that will suit your needs and create an attractive addition to your home or backyard. You don’t even have to stop at all of the options that we can add when building your custom shed – you can take it further and add electricity, overhead lighting, ventilation, and built-in storage space or workspace areas so you can maximize your effectiveness and efficiency. Lofts can be excellent for keeping materials and other items that you might not use every day but still require. Make sure to include space for the tools that you use every day for your hobby or small business.

Custom Sheds in Acushnet

There is a significant difference in the sheds for vehicles, hobbies, and workspace that you can get from Statewide Shed and those flimsy metal sheds we often see in our neighbors’ backyards. Our sheds are built as strong as a house, and we never use OSB board or particle board on any of our sheds. We frame all of our sheds using double top plates and notch all of the corner top plates to tie into all the walls, just like you would when building a house. Our vinyl sheds are trimmed with white vinyl corner boards or PVC boards. Choose from six-pitch, Gambrel, and deluxe roofing options – our shingles are 30-year architectural roofing shingles, just as you would put on your home. Choose from pine wood siding or vinyl siding to get the look and feel that you want for your new Acushnet garage door sheds.

We offer complete upfront pricing on our website and when you visit our location in Raynham, Massachusetts. Choose sheds by size, type, and options to create the custom sheds in Acushnet that you can use to achieve all of your goals. Quality sheds are hard to come by, and we go above and beyond to ensure that our customers get everything they want in our affordable, long-lasting, and durable backyard storage sheds. We offer free delivery and installation to customers in the State of Massachusetts and can answer any questions that you might have about how to go about ordering and prep for our custom sheds. Give us a call at 508-558-3636 and speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable team members about ordering one of our high-quality custom sheds.