Custom Shed Designs in Freetown: Sheds That Match Your House

sheds to match your houseOne of the chief complaints that homeowners – and homeowners’ associations – have about backyard sheds is that they often detract from the aesthetic value of the home and the neighborhood as a whole. You have likely seen those bug-filled, rusted-out metal sheds or plastic sheds that look more like a kids’ playhouse that are sold at the local home improvement centers. No wonder everyone complains when someone in the community installs one – these old-fashioned sheds can be an eyesore and can even attract rodents, insects, and more. Custom shed designs in Freetown at Statewide Shed are completely different. We build our sheds like a house, using quality and durable materials and even offering siding and roofing options designed to match the color scheme and style of your home. Our Freetown backyard sheds are attractive, well-built, and come with a guarantee! We even offer free delivery and installation to customers anywhere in Massachusetts.

How to Install a Freetown Custom Shed

The good news is that it is extremely easy to install a custom shed in Massachusetts when you work with Statewide Shed. Simply browse our online portfolio and size-and-pricing grid on the website or stop by our shed display on Route 44 in Raynham, MA. All of the colors, exterior options, and roofing styles are available for you to review and select to get the look, size, and solutions you need for your home. Depending on your requirements for a backyard shed, you might have different goals in mind for the newly added space. Some of our customers use them as traditional storage, while others use our custom designs to create home business sheds in Massachusetts. She sheds, man caves, hobby sheds, expensive big-boy toy sheds, holiday decorations, home pantries, and more can all be achieved with just a few extra steps. Add electricity, insulation, or even a second loft floor for extra storage – the sky is the limit with these quality Freetown backyard sheds.

Installation is even more simple – just pick out the shed size and style that you want. We build and transport the shed to your home and install it for you. There are a few basic requirements, such as making sure there is enough room for our team to install the shed, providing at least three feet of space in all directions around the plot of land you want to use. You will also need to make sure that the ground is level within six inches. When you place your order for one of our custom backyard sheds, we will provide a confirmation of the available dates for delivery and installation. We will also contact you the day before the delivery so we can install a Freetown custom shed in a time frame that works best with your busy schedule. You must be available and on-site at the time of delivery and installation. If you are unavailable, we can try to reschedule another time that works better for you.

Strong, Attractive, and Durable Sheds

When you look at a Statewide Shed, you will immediately notice that it is quite different from the sheds that you probably know and have used in the past. Our custom shed design in Freetown can match the color, architecture style, roofing type, and other elements of your home. Many of our customers consider our Freetown backyard sheds to be mini versions of their house, taking care to choose siding, windows, and other decorative elements to further complement the rest of their property. Neighbors won’t complain about an eyesore in the backyard or on the side of the house, and most homeowners’ associations are just fine with the installation of a strong and attractive Statewide Shed.

Our sheds are built as strong as a house, and we are proud to say that we use absolutely no particle board or OSB board on any of our sheds. We frame all of our sheds using double top plates and notch all the corner top plates to tie into all the walls – just like a house! Our vinyl sheds are trimmed with white vinyl corner boards or PVC boards, and we offer six-pitch, twelve-pitch, and Gambrel-style roofing options to provide great-looking results for our strong and durable sheds. If you would like to learn more about Statewide Shed or wish to see our beautiful sheds in person, stop by our shed display on Route 44 in Raynham or give us a call at 508-558-3636.