Custom Sheds in Acushnet are Affordable at Statewide Shed

affordable storage solutions in AcushnetInstalling custom sheds in Acushnet for homeowners in your garden is one of the greatest ways to store your seasonal things. To protect your belongings from the winter weather in Southeast Massachusetts, not just any shed will do. Think about ordering custom sheds for home storage from Statewide Shed. They are more economical than you may imagine, can be customized to your specific needs and specifications, and are available for free delivery and installation. You could use a seasonal storage building to organize everything from playthings and Christmas decorations to outside gardening tools and decorations. Installing Acushnet backyard storage sheds gives you greater convenience and opportunity for managing and organizing your property more effectively.

Durable Sheds for Home Storage

At Statewide Shed, we have a good reputation among our clients for constructing unique sheds that are as sturdy as houses in Acushnet and the nearby Massachusetts region. Our durable, dependable and affordable storage solutions are designed to withstand the elements and looks fantastic in your yard or adjacent to your house. We only only utilize premium materials to construct our sheds, and we never ever use OSB or particleboard. We offer free installation and delivery to any location in the State of Massachusetts, as well as a 10-year warranty starting from the date of purchase. Our goal is to construct each customer’s shed so that it is sturdy, long-lasting, and a beautiful addition to their house.

All of our custom sheds in Acushnet are constructed using double top plates. This is similar to how you would do it when building a house or another form of structure, and we additionally notch all of the corner top plates to tie in all of the walls. The floor joists are two inches by six inches pressure-treated wood, sixteen inches on center, with a two inch by six inch central beam for strong and continuous support. The structure is built on a flat patio block base. Three-quarters of an inch thick plywood covers the floor. Two-by-fours are used to frame our walls, which are spaced sixteen inches apart. Two-by-four rafters are used for the roofing, which is supported by a sturdy two-inch by six-inch ridge beam and sheathed in 12 CDX house-quality roof plywood.

Affordable Storage Solutions

Our sheds are installed on-site after being delivered to your home in quick-to-assemble pieces. The site must be level to within six inches and provide our personnel with at least three feet of working space. For even more details on what to anticipate during delivery and installation, get in touch with our staff directly. You will receive a confirmation of your order along with the potential delivery dates. Select the option that best fits your hectic schedule. We can deliver and install our large and small sheds for homes based on your requirements. The consumer must be present when we arrive, and we notify them the day before delivery to remind them of the installation.

Our team of qualified delivery and installation specialists will visit your location and provide top-notch service. For as long as the customer takes the required precautions to adequately preserve and care for them, we offer guarantees and warranties on the products that we deliver. We give you all the knowledge you require to guarantee that your custom sheds in Acushnet and the nearby Massachusetts region are adequately shielded from the elements. In order to ensure client pleasure and peace of mind, we use a choice of distinct vinyl siding and pine wood siding options with various degrees of guarantee. We also give a 30-year warranty on architectural roofing shingles. Contact our staff immediately if you have any questions concerning your obligations in relation to the warranty.

Acushnet Backyard Storage Sheds

Visit our Raynham, Massachusetts store to see all of our best-selling sheds in person. Your inquiries will be answered completely by our team of helpful and professional sales and customer service representatives, who will also assist you in selecting the seasonal storage shed that best meets your needs. When installing an Acushnet vinyl shed, you can pick from a variety of options, colors, styles, and patterns. Call our staff at 508-558-3636 to speak with someone about our large and small sheds for homeowners.