Different Types of Durable New England Sheds in Massachusetts

Freetown MA shed installationIf you have been searching for quality wood sheds that will provide you with many years of protected storage and look great in your yard, you will want to see our Shed Display at Statewide Shed. We serve all of Massachusetts and even provide FREE installation and delivery. Our durable New England sheds are made with top-quality materials and are sold at great prices. You can customize them with your choice of vinyl siding and roofing materials to coordinate with your home and add extra protection from the elements. You can choose from a wide range of sizes, styles, and types to create the perfect shed for your property. We are so confident in our quality Massachusetts sheds that we provide a 10-year warranty from the date of purchase.

Strong as a House

If you have been shopping around for sheds, you have probably seen the flimsy options available at the local hardware and supply stores that aren’t guaranteed to last a single year, let alone come with a 10-year warranty. Our sheds are built as strong as a house using techniques and methods applied during home construction. We are proud to say that we use absolutely no OSB or particle board on any of the sheds that we build. So whether you are looking for Freetown shed installation to stow your outdoor power tools, weekend toys, or just some personal belongings, you can count on Statewide Shed to have the options, pricing, and sizing you require to create the perfect shed.

In order to qualify for our warranty, which protects you against any defects in workmanship and materials, the doors must be painted on both sides, and the all-wood buildings must be painted with an exterior primer and paint within 60-days. This is in your best interest, and the paint will help to protect the wood from seasonal damage, providing you with many more years of great-looking, top-performing life. All of the seams must be caulked as well, and this warranty is for the original homeowners only. Damage caused by neglect, such as not repainting, when necessary, as well as damages caused by accident or natural disasters, are excluded from this coverage. Speak with your Massachusetts homeowners insurance provider to ensure coverage for your new shed with your existing policy.

Choose the Best Style

There are three basic styles of durable New England sheds available to choose from, depending on your needs. We have six-pitch sheds, twelve-pitch deluxe sheds, and Gambrel-style sheds, which sort of look like little barns. Again, you can choose to customize your quality Massachusetts sheds with different vinyl colors, roofing types, door styles, window types, and other features. You can visit our Shed Display to take a tour of the available options in person or contact our team by phone to discuss your needs. We can also create large backyard sheds and offer Freetown shed installation for custom quality wood sheds that can be designed and built according to your specifications.

The different types of sheds will have unique features that can be used to enhance the function, use, and storage options of your shed. Whether your goal is to create a home office, casita for your pool, or a storage space for your ATVs and other weekend toys, we can help you pick the best shed for your needs. Porches, pressure-treated decking, roll-up doors, barn doors, large and small windows, vinyl shutters, pressure-treated ramps for driving in your riding mower or rolling up a motorcycle, garage door style entries, second-floor stair options, roof dormers, and more can all be added to further customize the look, feel, and function of your quality Massachusetts sheds.

Get Pricing Information

You can view all of our pricing information on our website and see the costs for custom options and upgrades. Prices range from $2,900 for our smallest T1-11 six-pitch shed up to $26,200 for our largest 16 by 24 foot twelve-pitch deluxe shed with vinyl shakes. Choose the size, type, options, and exterior design best for you and your needs. Give us a call at 508-558-3636 to speak with one of our friendly customer sales agents to discuss your needs and learn more about our durable New England sheds. We can let you know more about our location and Shed Display touring hours so you can come and see our quality wood sheds in person.