Freetown Custom Sheds: Building Vinyl She Sheds, or He Sheds?

viny she sheds in Freetown MAWhen you look at all of the options for quality vinyl shed products available here at Statewide Shed, you might wonder to yourself, what’s the difference between vinyl She Sheds and He Sheds? Is there even such a thing as a “He Shed,” or is it just a plain old shed when it isn’t a “She Shed?” While we might not ever figure out the answers to those lie-awake-at-night questions, we can tell you that hobby, and home business sheds are currently all the rage for homeowners in the northeastern region. Consider the quality of the sheds that we sell compared to your father’s or even grandfather’s shed. Modern sheds are like tiny houses. They can have electricity, HVAC, and lots of other comforts built right in to create a home away from home, right in your own backyard.

Colors, Styles, and Designs

Choose from a wide array of colors and styles for your vinyl She Sheds and other custom sheds. Our bold premium vinyl siding colors come in neutral tones like Timber Bark, Khaki Brown, Rockaway Grey, and Coffee Bean, as well as bold hues, including Gunmetal Grey, Regatta Blue, Annapolis Blue, Richmond Red, and Grenadier Green. Our natural standard vinyl siding colors are a bit more on the muted side, with gentle pastel shades that range from Frost and Bone white to creamy tones like Ivory, Light Maple, and Hearthstone. Colors inspired by nature also included in this collection are Cypress, Stratus, Flagstone, Brownstone, Clay, Sandcastle, Sandalwood, Satin Grey, Sage, Indigo, Nickel, Ash, and Saffron.

Roof shingles are also available in a variety of colors to coordinate with your quality vinyl shed. Choose from a rich Barkwood, bold Hickory, neutral Shake Wood, or stark Black. We also have Weather Wood, Slate, and Gray to compliment the vinyl she sheds and create a look that coordinates with your home or stands out on its own. Other options are available, including porches, decking, extended wall heights, fiberglass doors, panel entry doors, and windows of all shapes and sizes. You might be surprised to see just how many ways you can customize our hobby, and home business sheds when you look through our portfolio here at Statewide Shed. Decorative items, including wood and vinyl shutters, pine flower boxes, and window roof dormers, are just some of the ways you can customize your Freetown custom sheds.

What is a She Shed?

Following the rise of the Man Cave, typically a basement or garage hideaway for sports and hobbies came the dawn of the She Shed. In most cases, it is simply a quality vinyl shed that serves as a place for a woman to call her own. It can be a place to run a home business, work on crafting projects, or simply relax without the husband and children underfoot. Our custom vinyl She Sheds could be just the thing you need to expand your useable space outdoors. It will mean different things to different women, but it should be a semi-private space that is off-limits to everyone else in the household. A little spot for planting flowers or bushes outside, a nice space for outdoor seating and relaxation, or simply a closed-off area where she won’t be disturbed while working from home.

The pandemic created a need for everyone in the family to have their own space. Even if you aren’t running a home-based business or working from home online, a quality vinyl shed can offer lots of great opportunities. With kids doing school from home – and many families choosing distance learning instead of going back to public school – everyone needs a place to call their own. Even if the whole point of installing one of our Freetown custom sheds is just to have a technology-free zone to read and relax, it will be money well spent. Take a look at all of the options available for vinyl She Sheds, home business sheds, hobby sheds, and other custom and standard floorplans on our website. Give us a call at 508-558-3636 to speak with one of our friendly sales associates about your needs and interests in Statewide Shed.