Home Storage Solutions in Freetown: Durable Backyard Sheds

durable backyard sheds in FreetownOne of the best ways to increase home storage is to install one of our custom Freetown vinyl sheds. Quality designed and built to protect your belongings, you can get a durable shed in Freetown or anywhere else in Massachusetts at Statewide Shed. However, before you dive in a get a storage shed for your backyard, it pays to consider a few details first. Where you will put it, whether your local HOA or zoning restrictions allow it, and the ongoing maintenance and upkeep should all be taken under advisement. Once you find out if you have the space and ability to use shed storage solutions in Freetown, you can start making plans to choose the best floorplan, style, and size to suit your needs.

Small and Large Sheds

At Statewide Shed, we have a wide variety of different sizes, styles, and types of sheds available for you to choose from at our shed display in Raynham, MA. Consider our small backyard sheds and our larger Freetown garage door sheds. They can be used to stow anything from holiday decorations and seasonal furniture to weekend vehicles and gardening tools. Regardless of your storage needs, we can help you find a durable shed in Freetown to match. We have sheds starting at just six feet by six feet all the way up to sixteen by twenty-four. We also have two-story sheds, sheds with a bonus storage loft, and lots of extras to help you customize your brand new durable shed in Freetown.

Forget all of those cheap metal sheds you have seen from the local home improvement center. Statewide Sheds are built on a level patio block foundation, and our floor joists are 2×5 pressure treated with 16 on center and feature a 2×6 center beam for solid, continuous support. The floor is covered with ¾-inch thick plywood. We say that our sheds are built like a house because they are! We frame all of our sheds using double top plates and notch all the corner top plates to tie into all the walls, just like a house. Our vinyl sheds are sheathed with ½-inch house-quality plywood, and our pine wood siding options use 1×8 tongue and groove for the best possible coverage and results.

Attractive Storage Sheds

Our shed storage solutions in Freetown are designed to be an attractive asset to your home. We can even provide you with color samples to match the vinyl siding on your existing home and provide a range of roofing colors to complete the look and feel. Our 30-year architectural roofing shingles will provide you with many years of durable coverage and great-looking aesthetics that will make you proud to show off your new durable shed in Freetown. So whether you choose to install your new shed next to your home or in the backyard, it will look and perform great for many years to come.

Choose from a variety of roofing types as well to complete the look, including the basic 6-pitch, Gambrel roofing design, or the Deluxe 12-pitch. We use quality materials for every aspect of our Freetown garage door sheds, and we never use OSB board or particleboard on any of our sheds. Viny sheds are trimmed with white vinyl corner boards or PVC boards, and we use PVC rake boards for the gable ends. Choose from one double, fiberglass door with a five-foot opening or a solid wood, fiberglass, or steel entry door – with or without windows, as well as optional rollup garage doors, sectional garage doors, and window roof dormers for extra function and flair.

See Them for Yourself

The best way to understand the difference between our Freetown vinyl sheds and those other sheds you have seen before is to come and see them for yourself. Visit our shed display on Route 44 in Raynham, Massachusetts, and speak with one of our friendly representatives about your needs. We can show you samples, displays, and portfolio pictures of previous work that we have done. Give us a call at 508-558-3636 to get directions and more information, or stop by and see our sheds in person anytime during office hours.