Large Craft and Activity Sheds in Acushnet for Small Business

activity and craft sheds in AcushnetRecent data reveals that there are more than 670,000 small businesses in Massachusetts, and it has been estimated that approximately 50 percent of all small businesses in America are home-based. In fact, one study revealed that there were more than 15 million home-based businesses in the United States as of 2021. If you run a small business from your home, you are probably facing one of the most common obstacles experienced by home-based business owners: space. While you might have launched from the kitchen table or even a dedicated room inside your home, the chances are good that you have already outgrown it and are needing more space. One solution is to use large sheds for home business. Statewide Shed offers quality sheds for multi-purpose use, so whether you are searching for a place to store your materials or create products, our Acushnet backyard sheds might be just what you need to carve out an area for yourself at home.

Acushnet Backyard Sheds

The custom sheds that we build at Statewide Shed are quite different from other sheds that you might be imagining as you read this article. Our sheds are built as strong as a house, using professional carpentry and construction techniques, quality materials, and lots of options for customization. Our craft and activity sheds in Acushnet are available in large sizes, ranging from a 10×10 space on up to 16×24 feet, providing enough room to successfully operate your home-based business. We even have loft storage options and complete second-floor upgrades with stairs to double your space with our Acushnet backyard sheds.

We can help you select the vinyl or pine siding to match your existing home and structures, choose 30-year architectural roofing shingle options to coordinate with your colors, and pick the best windows, doors, and venting options to suit your needs. Choose from six-pitch, Gambrel, and twelve-pitch deluxe roofing and consider upgrading the wall height to 84 or 96-inches, depending on your needs. Our large sheds for home business are like nothing you’ve ever seen. It’s like adding a guest house or remote office onto your residential property, and we will even deliver and install it for you for free. Get all of the space you need for your craft or business when you install one of our quality sheds for multi-purpose use for your Massachusetts residential property.

What to Expect

Once you have made the tough decisions about the size, shape, style, and add-ons that you want for your craft and activity sheds in Acushnet, we will provide you with everything else you need to know to prepare for delivery and installation. Our Acushnet backyard sheds can be scheduled for delivery based on your busy schedule. At the time that you place your order, we will provide confirmation of the available dates for you to choose from to ensure you will be present and available. We will contact you the day before delivery to remind you that you must be on-site on the day of the installation. Our sheds are delivered in sections and installed on-site according to your specifications. We typically provide a two-hour window of arrival to ensure that you will be available.

To prepare your property for our large sheds for home business, the site must be level within six inches, and there must be at least three feet of working space for our team to be able to get to the site. If the location where you want the shed installed is more than 100 feet from where our delivery truck can safely pull up to, there will be an additional carrying charge of $1 per foot. All final payments for our quality sheds for multi-purpose use must be made on the delivery date. Our goal is to build strong and durable sheds that will make an attractive addition to your home. We sell quality sheds at great prices with free installation and delivery. If you need a shed that will stand up to the elements and provide protection for your small business or personal belongings, you want Statewide Shed. Give us a call at 508-558-3636 or visit our Shed Display location on Route 44 in Raynham, MA.