New Bedford – Sheds Built to Last!

6-Pitch Sheds - 49With winter on its way, many New Bedford homeowners are thinking about installing a new shed or replacing an existing shed on their properties. A durable, modern backyard shed can do a lot more than provide you with storage space, especially given that many of the latest designs feature materials developed to last as long as much larger structures like a home and garage.

Given that these high-quality sheds range between $2,600 and $26,000 in price, consider the following before you make a final decision about a specific shed design for this unique type of property renovation:

Durable Shed Facts

The materials you select for your shed matter as much as the design. Many shed companies create “disposable” sheds made of cheap materials that usually show signs of wear within months and break within a year. A long-lasting shed offers the following:

High-End Materials at Every Level

Long-lasting sheds don’t contain particle/fiberboard. Instead they’re made with plywood and solid wood, which means that they don’t start to bloat and break down almost immediately after exposure to moisture like particleboard. They’re sealed just like a home with specially formulated sealants and paints and thick siding and shingles to keep out the elements.

Lengthy Warranty Protection

The methods used to construct these sheds are also the same ones used to build homes, which is why you also receive protection against material defects and poor installation work. Unlike prefabricated sheds found in large hardware, home improvement and outdoor supply stores, durable sheds are built so well that they usually include a 10-year or longer warranty.

Custom Premium Additions

Premium add-ons you choose for a custom shed can help keep the elements at bay longer depending on your selection. For example, for a custom order, you can make a variety of non-standard selections that include non-standard siding or roofing materials, pressure-treated decks and thick window shutters.

Taking Function Into Consideration

How long a shed lasts through the years also depends on how you use it. A backyard shed expert can make design and material recommendations based on many different needs and scenarios including:

Storage Concerns

If you plan to store gardening and landscaping equipment and tools in your backyard shed versus seasonal clothing and outdoor sporting equipment, you need to consider how different storage scenarios can impact shed longevity when making your selections. For example, a gasoline spill from a trimmer or mower can damage or permanently stain certain standard types of flooring. Sporting equipment with sharp or angled edges like ice skates and skis can damage standard walls if stored improperly. If you plan to install a shed with a secondary, attic-style level, then you also need to consider materials and construction methods that take into account structural movement from repeated trips up and down stairs.

Main Everyday Use

You should never use the same type of shed for vehicle and equipment storage, a hobby or professional workshop, office space or private retreat. With the first scenario, you might only need a standard shed and some custom materials to prevent damage. With the other three options, you might need to make house-level renovations to add home-like features like electrical outlets, internet connectivity, a bathroom, a kitchen or kitchenette and total heating and cooling. You might even want to install an outdoor sauna or hot tub mini pool next to the shed. In these cases, you need to invest in premium-level materials made specifically to help your shed last longer when exposed to a high amount of foot traffic or higher-than-normal moisture.

At Statewide Shed, our sales associates work with New Bedford homeowners to choose the right prefabricated or custom shed design and materials to not only meet their needs today, but also their anticipated needs many years down the line. Additionally, we provide you with extensive advice on how to maintain the structure properly given your shed selection and intended uses for it. For more information, speak with a member of our team today by calling (508) 558-3636.