Outdoor Living Space: Seasonal Custom Sheds in Acushnet, MA

outdoor living space in MassachusettsDid you know that it is possible to turn a backyard shed into a seasonal living space in Massachusetts? Incorporate your custom sheds in Acushnet into your outdoor living areas, creating a cabana for your pool area, a retreat near your barbecue and entertaining space, or a guest house for family and friends. A quality vinyl siding shed is necessary to create a true outdoor living space, as those rickety metal and wood sheds from the hardware store or online shop just won’t do. Quality construction is necessary when it comes to a shed intended for outdoor living, whether you use it seasonally in the summer or year-round to extend your backyard activities even in the coldest months of winter. Statewide Shed has a wide range of small to large sheds that can be used for this purpose, made from quality materials and delivered and installed at no extra cost to your Massachusetts property.

How to Make a Shed into a Livable Space

Sheds can be used for many different purposes. Home storage, gardening, vehicle storage, tool and equipment storage, home businesses, hobbies, playhouses for kids, and much more. The latest trend of turning a backyard shed into a seasonal living space in Massachusetts opens homeowners up to a whole new way of living and entertaining outdoors. When you begin with one of our custom sheds in Acushnet, there is no limit to the many ways that you can further customize and extend the possibilities for outdoor living space. Choose the quality vinyl siding shed with 30-year architectural shingles that suits your needs best, and start working to add all of the utilities, insulation, and options necessary to turn it into the space of your dreams.

Consider upgrading your all wood construction shed with the following:

Plumbing – Whether you want a sink for washing hands or a full kitchen for food preparation, you will need to connect water to your shed. Make sure you check on local requirements for permits and use frost-proof hydrant piping to ensure you don’t end up with frozen pipes in the winter.
Electrical – You will also likely require power for things like lights, small appliances, charging stations, and other equipment for your custom sheds in Acushnet. Even if you won’t be using the outdoor living space as a guest house, you might want to plug things in for entertainment value, as part of a cooking and dining area, or for nighttime use.
Sewage – If you have plumbing, you’ll need to have a sewer line. You could install a complete bathroom if you would like, which is recommended for a guest house or pool cabana to prevent everyone from having to come into the house to use the facilities, but even if you don’t, you’ll need sewage for sinks.
Insulation – There’s nothing quite like a cold winter in New England unless you’re comparing it to a sweltering day in the summer with no A/C. Make sure to consider installing insulation to keep the heat out in summer and the cold out in winter, as well as to protect your seasonal living space in Massachusetts from insects, pests, and weather damage year-round.
HVAC – You might only need to install a small window air conditioner and use a portable heater to keep your space comfortable throughout the year. Then again, depending on the size of your quality vinyl siding shed, you might want to go all-in and install a complete HVAC system designed specifically for your needs. This is a good idea for a guest house, cabana, or even a home office situation.
Finishing – Once you install the electrical, plumbing, sewage, HVAC, and insulation, you’ll want to do some finishing with drywall, quality flooring, and interior trim. This will help to create a home away from home feel for your new backyard space that will make it even more impressive to guests and enjoyable to anyone who uses it.

Come See Our Quality Sheds

The best way to get inspired to build your own seasonal living space in Massachusetts is to come see our quality vinyl siding shed options at our shed display. Choosing to install custom sheds in Acushnet or anywhere in the local area can be extremely beneficial to you and your household. Outdoor living space can be anything you want it to be – an extension of your outdoor cooking and dining space, a place for entertaining, or even a cozy guest house. Call us at 508-558-3636 or stop by our shed display on Route 44 in Raynham, MA, to look at all of our available options.