Quality Shed Construction in Acushnet: Motorcycle Storage

motorcycle storage shedThere comes a time when you realize that you need a special space to store your motorcycle when it is not in use. Garages are often where most people keep their bikes, but if other vehicles, household storage, and chemicals are present, it might not be the best choice. Storage facilities are expensive and inconvenient, especially if you also need space to work on and maintain your motorcycle. Small backyard sheds can be the perfect solution, as long as you choose something with quality shed construction. Statewide Shed offers a wide range of size and style options for custom sheds in Acushnet and all throughout the Massachusetts area. Our sheds are built as strong as a house and offer a lot of options to let you create and install Acushnet sheds designed specifically for your needs.

Custom Sheds in Acushnet

When most people hear the word “custom,” they think it means more expensive. At Statewide Shed, all of our sheds are custom-designed according to the needs of the customer. Customizations can range from picking the perfect size, the right type of door or adding extra features, depending on what you want to do with the space. For motorcycle storage, we have garage door options that make it easy for you to get your bike in and out of our small backyard sheds without banging it up against a door. Choose from a basic 5-foot roll-up garage door or an 8×7 garage door with no windows; we also have an 8×7 sectional garage door with a sunburst window and a 9×7 garage door with no windows.

In addition, we can add pressure-treated wood ramps for either the five or eight-foot garage doors. Other options include additional storage areas, such as storage lofts, windows to bring in some natural light and upgrade selections to 84-inch wall heights on vinyl sheds or up to 96-inches on vinyl and T1-11 sheds 16-feet and over. We offer upfront pricing – you can see all of the costs for every extra and add-on right on our website, so there are no surprises. Choose from 6-pitch, Gambrel, and 12-pitch deluxe roofing for your custom sheds in Acushnet – all with quality shed construction. Prices start at just $3100 for the 6×6 small backyard sheds, and we have options that go all the way up to 16×24 if you’ve got the space and a need for more room.

Built as Strong as a House

That is not just a motto, it is a very accurate depiction of how we do business at Statewide Shed. We are proud to say that we never use OSB or particleboard on any of our products. When you need a motorcycle or toy shed that will stand up to the elements in New England, provide protection, and look great next to your home or in your yard, you want a Statewide Shed. We can install Acushnet sheds anywhere in the State of Massachusetts and offer quality shed construction made with the best materials at great prices. We even provide a 10-year warranty from the date of purchase. You can see all of the upfront pricing, information, and details concerning the warranty, delivery, and installation for your brand new custom sheds in Acushnet and the surrounding area.

One of the reasons why our large and small backyard sheds are “strong as a house” is because we frame all of our sheds using double top plates and notch all the corner top plates to tie into all the walls – just like a house. Our vinyl shed walls are sheathed with ½ inch house quality plywood, and we offer T1-11 wood paneling as an option, which is 5/8-inch thickness. Choose from a variety of roofing options, doors, windows, and more to truly customize the look, feel, and function of your new motorcycle shed. Add cabinets and storage for your tools to create your own backyard workshop where you can perform oil changes and keep your bike looking and running its best.

Get a FREE estimate or stop by to see our shed display anytime on Route 44 in Raynham, Massachusetts. Need directions or more information about Statewide Shed? Contact our sales team by calling 508-558-3636.