Sheds for Vehicles in Freetown: Our Attractive Backyard Sheds

Freetown vehicle shedsConsider building a high-quality vinyl shed from Statewide Shed if you have been searching your property for additional space to keep necessary products, gardening tools, household tools, out-of-season furniture, and sheds for vehicles in Freetown. We can help you choose the storage shed you need for your house by offering a large variety of sizes, styles, colors, and options. Without having to fill up the garage or hire space at a storage facility, small sheds for homeowners can be a terrific solution to expand your extra storage space. When you engage with Statewide Shed, you can receive high-quality bespoke sheds delivered and installed for FREE in Freetown and the local Massachusetts region.

Small, Quality Sheds for Home Storage

Any shed that is 14 feet in length or less is regarded as a tiny shed. Select the size and design that are most appropriate for your house and your budget. Our Freetown multi-use sheds come in a variety of heights, from 84 inches to 96 inches, which greatly expands the usable storage area. No of the size or design, all of our shelters are constructed to be as sturdy as a house. We are delighted to report that none of our sheds include even a single piece of OSB or particle board. Just as you would when building a house, we utilize double top plates to frame all of our sheds, and we even notch the corner top plates to tie into all the walls.

At Statewide Shed, we create our tiny sheds for homeowners using high-quality components and tried-and-true methods. Our conventional sheds are constructed with 26 pressure-treated floor joists spaced 16 inches apart, a 26 center beam, and a level patio block base for strong, continuous support. The concrete is not reached since the floor is three quarters of an inch thick plywood. The siding we use with our regular custom sheds for vehicles in Freetown have thick five-eighths-inch wood panels, and the walls are framed with 2x4s that are spaced 16 inches on the center. All of our attractive backyard sheds have plywood sheathing that is half an inch thick and of house-quality.

Attractive Backyard Sheds

Most of the time, all you’ll need is quality sheds for home storage to safeguard your possessions. We provide a wide range of floorplans, designs, and options when you decide to buy a compact, high-quality vinyl shed so you may have the precise dimensions and features you want. For Massachusetts homeowners, selecting tiny sheds has a number of advantages. The cost would be the most obvious. If you don’t have a lot of money to spend on Freetown multi-use sheds, you might want to consider obtaining a smaller shed to save money. Other benefits of small sheds include their ability to be situated pretty much wherever in your backyard with little limits. Due of their size, larger sheds might only be able to fit in one or two sites.

Other advantages include attractive backyard sheds that meet stringent HOA restrictions, community construction code requirements, and other possible legal issues. Small sheds can be used for a variety of things, such as the storage of seasonal décor, gardening tools, additional supplies, and other stuff you don’t use every day or all year long. Many tiny sheds can be used as a workshop for DIY, gardening, and other chores. The best part is that you can design a finished product that matches or complements your home because there are so many design options available for our custom sheds in Freetown. We can assist you in achieving your objectives, whether you have a specific use in mind for your new shed or you simply want to add one in case you need additional space in the future.

Freetown Multi-Use Sheds

Give us a call at 508-558-3636 if you’d like a free, no-obligation quotation to get custom storage or sheds for vehicles in Freetown or anywhere else in Massachusetts. When it comes to quality sheds for home storage, we can address any queries you may have and go over all the information regarding free delivery and installation. Call our helpful and professional staff at Statewide Shed right away to find out more about putting Freetown multi-use sheds on your property.