Small Multi-Purpose Quality Sheds in Freetown for Homeowners

achushnet backyard storage shedOne of the best excuses to install backyard storage sheds is when they will be used to solve a problem or provide required space for something specific. Many people throughout New England install small sheds for homeowners to use for gardening tools, weekend toy storage, seasonal decorations, and downsizing overflow. However, one of the best uses for a Freetown shed installation is as a pool house or casita to store pool toys, equipment, and chemicals when not in use. There are many advantages to installing quality sheds in Freetown, especially when you get the job done right. A quality product and professional installation can make all the difference and ensure that you increase the value of your property at the same time.

What is a Pool House?

In the simplest terms, a pool house or pool shed is a special structure that is designed to safely store all of the supplies that you need to maintain and operate a pool. Whether your pool is only in use during the summer or if you have a heater on it so you can use it year-round, backyard storage sheds can help to provide permanent storage for essential products. Pool chairs, noodles, floaties, and other accessories can also be stored in small sheds for homeowners, so make sure that you plan accordingly and select quality sheds in Freetown that will suit your needs.

A permanent, detached structure from the rest of the home and garage, your pool house can also double as a changing room for guests during the summer months when they come to use your pool. If that is your intention, you will want to make sure that you choose a design for your Freetown shed installation that will look nice on the outside – and on the inside. No one will want to get changed in a dark and unfinished backyard shed. Make sure it is painted, insulated, well-lit, and inviting. Keep it clean and clear of spiders, not just for your guests’ sake, but also to protect your pool equipment and other stored items. You could also keep extra towels, umbrellas, and other pool-specific things in your pool house to prevent guests from coming indoors to track water on your floors.

Benefits of Having a Pool House

There are many good reasons to utilize small sheds for homeowners as a pool house in your Southeastern Massachusetts backyard. When built properly and installed professionally, a pool house and a well-maintained pool can increase the overall value of your home. It can also help your home to sell more quickly when you decide to put it on the market one day, so maintaining it and keeping it in good condition is a must. Some homeowners add extra patio seating, firepit areas, and separated space around their backyard storage sheds to make the experience even more special. Whatever you do, make sure that you take the time to plan where the shed will go before you go shopping for quality sheds in Freetown.

Make sure to speak with your home insurance provider to determine if you need to get an extra policy rider or protection for the new structure. They will likely want to come and inspect, take pictures, and preview the Freetown shed installation before giving you a definitive quote. Instead of seeing a home improvement center metal shed or sloppily-built wood shed, your agent will be impressed to see what you have done with your small sheds for homeowners by picking a quality product from Statewide Shed. We have a wide variety of sizes, designs, shapes, and colors for you to choose from that will compliment the appearance of your new shed and your home. When done right, quality sheds can add as much as eight percent increase to the value of your home.

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